Il Trespolo tutore, 2018

Il Trespolo tutore

Alessandro Stradella

conductor Andrea de Carlo
director Paweł Paszta

World premiere of original version after 1679


Maciej Krajewski (ASP)

Graphic designer

Maja Żurawiecka (ASP)


Marta Kodeniec


Anna Sawicka

Libretto translation

Katarzyna Otczyk-Marcelli

Artistic supervisor

dr hab. Artur Stefanowicz

Solists preperation

dr hab. prof UMFC Anna Radziejewska
dr hab. Artur Stefanowicz

Scenography supervisor

dr hab. prof. ASP Paweł Dobrzycki


Historical Instrument Orchestra
of the Unit of Early Music
of the FCUM and guests

Skrzypce I

Marcin Laskowski – gościnnie

Skrzypce II

Alicja Dziczek – UMFC


Agnieszka Grzeczka – gościnnie


Anna Bator – UMFC


Filip Zieliński – AM Poznań


Julia Łopuszyńska – UMFC


Krzysztof Garstka – UMFC


Barbara Brzezińska – UMFC



fot. Maja Żurawiecka

Six soloists embody dell'arte-like characters in situations of frequent errors, funny accidental meetings, and clashing antagonists. The rendering by Paweł Paszta, however, is based on the tragedy surface, and its source is the basis of opera as such, i.e., as a genre which emerged from reflecting on antique theatre. This surface is constructed by the space of the so-called backstage, which is gradually shown to the audience during the performance. The foreground takes place on stage resembling a circus arena and where soloists are like virtuosi showing off their skills. But theatre “stitches” are still visible during the performance. Some actors, not taking part in the action at a given moment, are assistants to those who sing and act on stage at that time. Assistants drop the props hanging on lines, help achieve “theatre miracles”, and provide technical service of the performance. As a result, the backstage space is full of silence, pensiveness and loneliness. It turns out that those who make a laughing stock of themselves are full of sadness backstage. These are the two poles this story is stretched between on stage, and maybe these are the same two poles our world is stretched between?

The performance is another undertaking of the so-called Opera Institute. It is an international project which has been carried out for 8 years already as a collaboration of three basic higher education institutions: National Academy of Dramatic Art, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Director of the performance, Paweł Paszta, carries out the performance as the practical part of his doctoral dissertation prepared at the ADA under the supervision of dr hab. Jarosław Kilian and music-related supervivion of dr hab. Artur Stefanowicz. The performance’s conductor is Andrea De Carlo who has studied the creative output of Alessandro Stradella for many years. Its participants will be students of the Department of Vocal and Acting Studies of the FCUM, Historical Instrument Orchestra of the Unit of Early Music of the FCUM and guests, whereas graphic design will be prepared by the AFA student.

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