Prof. dr hab. Paweł Dobrzycki

director of scenography

Paweł Dobrzycki is a theatre scenographer, architect, painter and teacher. He is also a professor at the AFA in Warsaw and holds the function of Dean of the Faculty of Stage Design. He is the creator of over 320 scenographies for drama and opera theatres in Poland and abroad (United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Greece, Israel, Netherlands). He usually also designs and manages the lighting. He has collaborated with outstanding directors: Zygmunt Huebner, Izabella Cywińska, Heleną Kaut-Howson and Andrew Visnewsky (Great Britain), Yorgos Kimoulis (Greece), Yuri Alexandrov (St Petersburg Opera) and Evgeny Kokorin (Russia), Ruedi Straube (Switzerland), Michał Ratyński, Henryk Baranowski, Mareki Weiss-Grzesiński, Mikołaj Grabowski, Eugeniuszem Korinem, Krzysztof Babicki, Tadeusz Bradecki, Wojciech Adamczyk, Edward Wojtaszek, Julia Wernio, Bogdan Hussakowski, Maciej Korwin, Andrzej Bubień, or Maciej Wojtyszko. He is the first Polish scenographer to work in such prestigious venues as the Young Vic in London, Deutche Nazionaltheater in Weimar or Ancient Theatre of Teatr w Epidaurus in Greece, where one of his most interesting projects from recent years, i.e., the cycle of seven performances: “Seven against Thebes” by Aeschylus and “Antigone” and “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles (directed by Y. Kimoulis), came to life. His achievements include numerous individual exhibitions (drawing, painting, scenography) and multi-artist ones. It is said that the scenographies, projects and sketches he created are genuine visual theatre. His most spectacular works from recent years are “Boris Godunov” (directed by Yuri Alexandrov, Wrocław Opera – Centenary Hall), “Lady Macbeth” by Shostakovich at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Novosibirsk, Russia (directed by Henryk Baranowski), “Don Quixote” (directed by Y. Kimoulis) which premiered at the Atticus Herodos Odeon Theatre at the Acropolis in Athens), “Nabucco” directed by Anette Liechtensteiner (Zoetermeer Theatre, Netherlands), and Polish, original versions of scenography for “The Phantom at the Opera” at the Roma Theatre in Warsaw and “Shrek” at the Music Theatre in Gdynia, for which he was honoured with he Jan Kiepura award and Pomeranian Governor’s award. Scenographies ad lighting for “The Haunted Manor” and the music performance “Korczak” (both directed by Roberto Skolmowski) launched the activity of the Podlasie Opera in Białystok. Peweł Dobrzycki’s latest important achievements are Verdi’s “Macbeth” directed by Bruno Berger-Gorski at the Wrocław Opera, a megaproduction at the Centenary Hall, M. Wojtyszko’s “A Proof of the Other’s Existence” directed by M. Wojtyszko (National Theatre in Warsaw), Mrożek’s “The House on the Borderline” directed by A. Korytkowska, National Theatre in Moldova, Kishinev, and “The Manuscript Found in Saragossa” by M. Wojtyszko and K. Dębski directed by M. and A. Wojtyszko, Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów.